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Keynote speakers


OSF Themes

Benefits of sport
How sport can benefit the broader community?

Understanding the sports consumer
How can we engage new participants and how can we deepen engagement with existing participants?

Women in sport
Women participate more in physical activity than men do. What can sport do to better engage with women?

Leveraging events for effective legacy
How can sport leverage major events for participation outcomes?

Leadership and change
Leading sport in the modern age and how to overcome resistance to change.

At OSF17 attendees will receive:

  • Examples of how sport can demonstrate its value to the broader community
  • A greater understanding of the sports consumer and practical examples of how to use these insights to grow participation
  • Insights in to how to benefit from greater engagement with women at all levels in sport
  • Practical examples of how to leverage major events for effective legacy
  • Insights from outstanding leaders on achieving change to remain relevant and viable