Janette Brocklesby

Leads the research progra...
Sport NZ

Janette Brocklesby leads the research programme at Sport NZ. She is a highly experienced insights researcher, inspired by the way in which the application of evidence to policy, strategy, communications and business decisions can lead to positive outcomes for people and society.

Janette brings a fresh approach to ways of thinking about topics, people and research methods and has applied this to the development of Sport NZ’s new national participation survey – Active NZ. Launched on 1 January 2017, the survey has been more than a year in development. Survey design has drawn on extensive qualitative research, consultation cross-government, within Sport NZ, with our partners and our counterparts in other jurisdictions.

With the participant front and centre, the survey captures data on participation in a way that resonates with respondents. For the for the first time, data is collected continuously throughout the year and from New Zealanders aged 5+.

With over three decades of experience gained in a variety of settings from academic to leading research and evaluation agencies in New Zealand and England, Janette was excited to have the opportunity of working client-side bringing her consultancy experience to enable the commissioning high quality research.

Janette has a Master of Science in Educational Psychology from Aston University, Birmingham England and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from East London University, England.